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Tamara V.  Santa Clara 1/30/2017

--"I was diagnosed with Piriformis syndrome and I had a very strong pain in my buttock and also sciatic nerve pain going down the leg. Dr. Zhang was able to reduce my pain after two sessions and now I am improving a little bit every day. She also gives me a massage for the blood flow that helps me a lot.
And she is always very nice and explains you everything she does and why. I fully recommend Dr. Zhang!"


Fidel V.  San Jose 12/06/2016

--"I did my first acupuncture appointment and will say I was very nervous but Dr.Zhang was very helpful and explained a lot of what she'd be doing to me, answered all my questions and was patient. I'm definitely going again for another appointment for my sciatic nerve pain because the first appointment already relieved some aches. I will post a follow up on my treatment but for now 5 stars for service and my experience so far at Rose Garden Acupunture. Thanks Tiffany!"


Brian B. Oakland 12/05/2016

--"Had been suffering with bad shoulder pain for a while as well as pain in my left hand.  Dr Zhang was able to get my pain under control and improve it in very short time.  The resulting sessions have helped maintain and keep pain manageable when it comes back. The massage treatment she does is something I've not had before but it seems to help bloodflow and stimulate healing in the areas of trouble

In addition to helping, she I'm able to maintain my active lifestyle with treatments."


Isaac J.  Santa Clara 11/17/2016

--"I did not know what to do.  I had a chronic hip problem that was limiting my ability to walk and stand up.  Tiffany Zhang was very helpful introducing me to acupuncture for the first time.  I have had three appointments so far and have gone from small to medium to long needles.  My pain has gone from a sharp 7, chronic 4 to a sharp 1.5.  My flexibility has increased dramatically.  I look forward to going periodically and my wife also wants to go now.  Highly recommend!"


Arnulfo Milpitas  10/28/2016

--I highly recommend this place. Since the first session Tiffany helped me to get some relief on my neck and shoulders . She is very professional and she makes sure you're comfortable , especially if it's your first time getting acupuncture. I'm on my third session and definitely coming back.


Yuwei Y.  Mountian View 10/16/2016

--"I was recommended by a friend. The doctor is super sweet and nice to me, which is really out of my expectations. I promise that she is the most kind doctor I have ever seen, not a doctor but more likely a friend. I had one and a half months treatment there, and my acne looks better. Fighting with acne is really painful, but Doctor.Zhang is always cheering me up when I lose my confidence. This doctor is really experienced and also responsible. This is a good place to treat your acne."


Dafu W. Hayward 0 7/18/2016

--"I have been here for acne treatment. It has a significant improve for my skin. My acne is way more better before. The service is amazing here."


Olga V.   San Jose 07/16/2016

--"I have been seeing Dr. Zhang for about two months now and I couldn't be more happy with the results. I've been suffering from chronic migraines for over two years now and was tired of taking prescription medication on a daily basis. After countless Botox treatments and injections I was recommended acupuncture.  Dr. Zhang was able to make me feel better in as little as 2 appointments and the migraines have improved drastically. Every time I leave her office I feel energized and relaxed. I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking for some alternative medicine! Thank you Dr. Zhang!"


Jeff Q.  San Jose 08/11/2015

--"The acupuncture by Dr Zhang did the magic! My parents' back and shoulder pains got healed quickly after a couple of session painless sliver needle punches. Highly recommended!"


Cynthia S. Ashburn VA  07/13/2015

--"I was so pleased with this clinic's massage therapist. She helped me with my low back pain problems when I traveled there last year. When I travel back to San Jose I intend to receive a treatment after my plane flight. Wonderful clinic! I highly recommend them if you are a traveler to San Jose and wish to visit a really good local holistic medical practice."


Isabel B.  San Jose 05/27/2015

--"I went there to help induce labor last year.  My labor was only 90 mins. It was great. The pain was the least intense of my 4 labors. Thanks to Dr Zhang. I continue to come for back pain since I was hurt while pregnant."


Ed W. San Jose 12/22/2014

--"My experience:

I've been seeing Dr. Zhang now for several months to treat various injuries associated with my highly active lifestyle. I also have an office job which causes repetitive stress injuries from sitting at a computer all day long, so I see her for that too.

I'm always amazed at how fast my injuries heal after a visit to Dr. Zhang. Literally within hours of a single visit, I'll notice a significant change. Just last week I pulled two tendons in my hand from doing indoor rock climbing. I've been climbing regularly for 6 years and like to push my body to it's absolute limit. Finger injuries are very common for me, so I know exactly what to expect in terms of recovery. Anyway, my fingers had been hurting all week and showed little sign of improvement so I decided to see Dr. Zhang. She carefully pinpointed the exact spot in my fingers that was causing the trouble and applied a type of TCM massage therapy along with a 30 minute acupuncture session. During the massage therapy portion of my treatment, I could literally hear and feel the various knots and kinks of my tendons getting worked out. The treatment was slightly painful but that was to be expected. Sure enough within just a few hours, my fingers felt significantly better!! I can't even explain how shocked and happy I was to see such a major improvement. I honestly thought I was going to be out of commission for a few weeks but now I believe I'll be climbing again at full strength in a matter of days.

Some quick notes:

-Her office is in a residential area so parking is always a breeze.
-The building itself is older but clean and well kept.
-Dr. Zhang has excellent "bedside manner". She's a pleasant person to be around and always explains exactly what she's doing and why. I'm not afraid of the needles but if I were, this would be the right doctor to see. She's very careful and gentle with every movement.
-Her rates are reasonable and she has discount packages available if you plan to get multiple treatments.

I've always been fascinated by acupuncture. I've watched many documentaries and read about it extensively online. If you have an injury or ailment of some kind, definitely  give it a try before going to your regular doctor who will likely just prescribe some pills for the pain and ignore the problem itself. I believe Dr. Zhang is a gifted healer, if you have an issue of any kind, I would see her right away."


Ding G. Union City  11/18/2014

--"The acupuncture really works! Doctor Zhang is a nice people, and she likes to talk with you very friendly. The acupuncture is not very pain and it has a amazing function to my smallpox! Really helpful!"


Todd L.  San Jose  08/11/2014

--"I just had my first visit to Rose Garden Healing Center today. I had lots of lower back pain prior to my visit. Dr Zhang and Qi Wang were fantastic!  I am feeling much better and back to my normal routine. They are true professionals in every way. I highly recommend Rose Garden for all your acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage and healing needs.

I will be recommending all my friends and colleagues to Rose Garden ."


YingKai T.  Arcadia  07/31/2014

--"I have been here for several times. The employees are very nice, and pretty good at facial and acupuncture. I had some acne son my face, and they were there for months. They treat my face well, and the acnes are being dissolved. I do appreciate the employees here to treat my acnes."


Le A.  Riverside 07/19/2014

--"I never did acupuncture before and was recommended to this place by my friend who also had back pain problem and received good treatment here. I was taken care by Dr. Zhang, who cannot be more friendly. Surprisingly, with a few tiny pins on my back once a week, I feel much better now. How magic that is! I would definitely come back again and recommend to my friends.


Lance P.  Santa Clara 07/16/2014

--"Very friendly and professional service. The treatment was very effective afterwards."


Sherin L.  Santa Clara 06/07/2014

--"She got great knowledge about acupuncture and chinese medicine. I know a little acupuncture myself, so I would def ask questions about why she chooses the points. I didn't like herbs too much so i did not go with what she recommends, but im sure if i did, it will cure my problem a lot faster. it's pretty hard nowadays to find a good doctor in the bay area, so if you like Dr. Zhang after first visit, it's good to continue treatments with her."


Tao M.  San Jose 06/07/2014

--"I was a little afraid before the first treatment. Dr. Zhang is very nice and patient. Amazingly, it was not painful at all. Her expertise in acupuncture helps a lot for my long term back pain. I highly recommend her for her professional service and kindness. Best acupuncture place in San Jose!"


Mark S.  Cupertino 05/11/2014

--"I had a nasty pain around my left knee for months. Western doctor had no solution for it. I tried acupuncture at Rose Garden Acupuncture. It got fixed in 4 weeks. The pain never came back. 🙂
Dr. Zhang is very knowledgeable and skillful. The place is very clean and comfortable. Highly recommend."


Way L. Palo Alto  05/05/2014

--"Great place for your neck and back problem! Dr. Zhang was very detailed and patient to explain my neck and back problem and it worked!"


Yuqi B. Sunnyvale 05/04/2014

--"Went to rose garden once and I had a wonderful experience. Dr Zhang is very professional, had my neck problem fixed. At the same time she is a very beautiful lady. Highly recommended!"



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