Dec 14

About Tiffany Zhang

With more than 6 years experience, licensed acupuncturist Tiffany Zhang has helped lots of patients to accomplish better healthy living style and health conditions.

At Rose Garden Acupuncture Clinic, we offer treatments which help people with stress, allergies, chronic pain and emotional disorder. We also provide weight control treatment and face rejuvenation.

When the patient relaxes on a comfortable massage table, Tiffany Zhang inserts hair-thin needles to the patient when he will not feel any pain helping  the patient's body get more energy and better Chi flow. We treat our patients and help them to get healthy without using the prescription of chemical drugs; but the natural approach using acupuncture. This is especially important when we help patients to do weight control.

Tiffany Zhang made a special trip to Japan, and fellowship there to learn the special Painless Needle Insertion Technique.

Come and visit us if you want to improve your health.


Specialized in

*Women's health, menopause, irregular menses

*Infertility, IVF and IUI support, Pregnancy support

*High blood pressure, Diabetes

*Treating Thyroid issues, Cysts, Fibroids,

*Pain Management, Weight Loss,

*Face Rejuvenation



Rose Garden Acupuncture was set up in 2013. Was selected by Opencare.com into the Top 20 Acupuncturist List in 2016. Hence expanding the facility and moved the Medical Group to this new location in Scott Blvd. Now we are conducting Grand-opening Special Promotion Pricing. Call us for more information. Thank you so much.



Have helped many pregnant women for a smooth and on time delivery.


Cupping Therapy







More about Traditional Chinese Medicine


Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treat an enormously wide range of conditions by rebalancing and facilitating your body’s natural self healing processes. Together they offer a safe, reliable and drug free option for most non-emergency conditions.

Ear Therapy

This is a natural therapy which can help conditions related to the head, ears, nose and throat such as sinusitis, congestion from colds and flu, headaches, excessive or compacted ear wax and glue ear.

Hot Stone Therapy

Magic Hot Stones Perfectly warms up your body, loosens your mind, suppresses back-pain and removes stress. Let yourself float on the waves of aromatherapy and romantically lit candles.